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COST supports Open Access, a publishing model for scholarly communication that makes research information available to readers at no cost.

It is important to ensure that the COST Actions’ scientific and technology related results, outcomes, and impacts are shared widely with the Research and Innovation community. The principles of Open Access go hand-in-hand with COST’s strategic priority to promote and spread excellence. As such the COST Rules include a clear commitment by COST to promote Open Access to research outputs resulting from COST Actions.

Open Research Europe (ORE)

Since September 2022 COST Actions have the opportunity to submit their scientific publications directly to Open Research Europe (ORE), the European Commission’s Open Access publishing platform for research.

Open Research Europe is an original publishing venue, like a journal, not a repository (where papers already published somewhere else are deposited). ORE accepts articles in all fields of science: submitted research must be original, not be submitted anywhere else for publication, and stem from a COST Action or a Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe project.

It provides a reliable peer-reviewed publishing service of high scientific quality, with swift publication times. The platform also implements rigorous scientific standards which are overseen by an international Scientific Advisory Board.

COST Action Collections

ORE also curates it’s content into a series of Collections, compilations of content relating to a specific community, project or conference. COST Actions are using ORE’s Collections to group their research and outputs and create a common, dedicated space for their interdisplinary work. Discover the COST Action Collections launched so far:


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